20 July 2010

design hard ons, eye candy, and girl crushes.

Okay people, lots of ground to cover. First of all, I love this man:

Dexter. Yes, if you watch it, I do realize he's a sociopath, void of all human emotion, and a serial killer. Whatevs. He treats his sister and his girlfriend like princesses, he brutally murders always gets the bad guy, and he keeps an immaculately clean house. There is something about him that it is just impossible not to like. I found this show on Josie's netflix instant play this weekend and the next thing I knew, 6 whole episodes had gone by! I'm addicted.

Also, I cannot say enough good things about this movie:

Saw it on Saturday and am still figuring it all out. Overall, a trippy, mindbending flick that I would recommend to just about anyone. I did make the mistake of recommending it to my 91 year old grandpa. He apparently ended up leaving halfway through because it was 'peculiar' and he couldn't understand a word anyone was saying. Sounds like most family gatherings though.
Anyway, yes, the movie was fantastic, but let's talk about what's really important: the bounty of mouthwatering eye candy! It was all I could do to follow the story AND make mental pictures of the future children I will have with these men.

First and of course, foremost:
My longtime boyfriend, Leo. He and I have been pretty serious since his picture was plastered all over my walls in 7th grade. We had a brief period apart, around the time of The Beach but are now closer than ever. I'm very supportive of his acting career.

Next up, That Kid From 3rd Rock From the Sun. Also known as JGL. PRECIOUS. Although I haven't been able to get over his pathetic character from 500 Days of Summer. Still delicious.
I think this one's a new fave! His name is Tom Hardy and he has a British accent. Nuff said.
OH HAAAAY Cillian Murphy. This guy always plays characters that are either unlikable or down right evil, but I'm holding out hope that he's a doll in real life because dayyy-umm.

Also, Ellen Page does such a good job and isn't even Juno-y at all! Good for her! Although I love Juno.

Sorry Tom Berenger. You didn't make the cut. Your scary plastic surgery has crossed that critical point of no return.

Also, this girl:

Can do no wrong in my book. I jam to her new single, King of Anything, like it's my JOB.

Okay, on to more serious things. I was just cruising through my Google Reader today, minding my own business, when BAM.

I came upon a post from one of my favorite blogs, The Newlywed Diaries, about this incredible Cottage Living Idea house. I mean, it's in Nola. It's a perfect mix of modern and classic luxe. It's perfect. Why don't I already live there???



  1. Love it when there's man candy on your blog! Seriously can't get behind your lust for a serial killer though, I'm sorry.

  2. I loved Inception too! Leo's pretty amazing.