18 March 2010


Spring, I mean! It's sprung, and I'm in love with it. I belong in these seasons. Spring and summer, come and never leave please. Winter is for the birds. I am so tired of my cold weather wardrobe I could just throw it all out. On a cheery note, my closet would like to give a warm, loving welcome to this little darling
She made her way into my heart and my wardrobe on Tuesday, so of course, I wore her last night, regardless of the 40 degree (WTF?!) weather. Thank you, Target, for caring what your clothing looks like and having the presence of mind to carry fawesome brands like Liberty of London for those of us Target snobs who frequent your aisles way more than our bank accounts like to admit.

Meanwhile, have you ever had one of those truly delicious afternoon drives? The sun is shining, the sky is blue and full of juicy, marshmallow clouds, and you just beebop down the road, jammin' to some James Taylor and poppin' your bubblegum. There is no traffic in sight and you even put down the window a little bit to let the breeze catch your hair. Yeah, that was me this afternoon. I should probably tell you, this:
is what I drive. Yep. I'm THAT girl. In the yellow submarine. Only this isn't a submarine. It's a yellow Sexterra. You read that right. It's a limited edition. Be jealous. She and I have been together since I graduated from high school and we are very happy. We have similar interests: rough rides, sunny days, outdoorsy boys, and classic music.

Speaking of boys...
hmm. All that red just looks like a Christmas present waiting to be opened. Don't lie. You were thinking it too. Although it looks like he may be missing his left hand. I guess that doesn't matter so much. I'd still take him.


  1. Aww, this makes me happy :)

    I have not yet been to Target to see the Liberty of London brand - I need to make a Target run soon!

  2. The apparent missing hand skeeves me out. Lovin' the dress though :)