20 March 2010

What IS this?

This morning, something strange happened.
I woke up from a miserable nightmare in which I witnessed the world end over and over (recently saw The Road...I don't recommend it)

Try as I might to snuggle deeper into bed and watch E News Weekend with an unusually snuggly George the cat, I wasn't feeling. I was wiggly and could not even focus on Giuliana's hard hitting news story about Kendra's shady past. The rest I had been craving and planning for this morning was not to be had. I was in a maddening state of UNrest. Rolling out of my fluffy blue bed, I grumped my way out into the hallway of our apartment and stood for a good 30 seconds, trying to figure out what the hell I should be doing to get this jitter bug out of me. I grabbed a Diet Coke (breakfast of champions) and assessed the situation. While I was sipping on my lifeblood of DC and deciding, I grabbed a rag and wiped down the kitchen counters, which is a bizarre habit I have picked up in the last year or so. I then noticed that while the counters were clean, the stove top could use a good scrub, so I knocked that out quickly, only to find that the squeaky clean counters and range made the inside of the sink look glaringly dingy. Moving on to the bathroom, I again wiped down the counter, which led me to discover that the mirrors were smudgy, and then to find that the floor could use a once over. After about 20 minutes on my hands and knees, and not in the fun way, I looked around and found that the bathroom was great, but my shelves on the linen closet were a painful disarray.

Somewhere around this time, I figured it out. The thing I needed to do was SPRING CLEANING! And I was already on a roll!
Two hours later and I've tidied, done 2 loads of laundry, refolded all my towels, reorganized underneath the sink and in the medicine cabinet, vacuumed, lit candles, cleaned out my junk drawer (epic), and taken out endless bags of trash. George is eyeing me warily, wondering if he might be next on the cleaning list. But since I value the skin on my forearms, he's safe today.
Now, I'm sitting contentedly, watching the Harry Potter marathon and ravenously gulping down sauteed green beans and red peppers with whole wheat pasta that I whipped up for myself. Who am I? Martha Stewart?
The only problem is, the lovely apartment is divinely clean, but I am filthy. And guess what the one thing I didn't clean was?

The Tub.

Oh well!

On to the fun part of my Saturday: purchasing this-
on DVD

and perhaps my new camera!

And also taking advantage of the 30% off coupon I have for Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy all weekend long!


  1. I need to do some of that spring cleaning myself. Sadly, I'm at work all weekend, and my best friend is coming to visit on Monday - what's a girl to do?

  2. The Road... sometimes a scene from that movie flashes into my mind... and it still manages to suck the life out of me, weeks later.

    Glad George is getting some lovin'. Better take advantage of it, 'cause Mia is coming home soooooon!