16 March 2010

Sunday on a Tuesday evening

Well, here it is. My first blog. I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you a little bit about myself. You probably already know this if you're reading this, because if you're reading this, it's probably because I yelled across the apartment at you to READ MY BLOG!
Here are a few little tidbits about me:

I love my life. I know that sounds kinda ridic, but it's true. Incredible friends I would do anything for, awesome family that would support me if I wanted to fly to the moon (but not get a tattoo or dye my hair orange), job I'm obsessed with. I'm so lucky, it's sickening.

I love art of all types. Fashion, design, decorating, makeup, it's all good in da hood! I have a degree in Interior Design and use it some in my job, but also as a hobby.

My signature color is YELLOW. I mean, sunflower, road sign, mustard, lemon, smack you in the face smiley yellow. It's on my car. It's my attitude. It's a way of life. And most days, you will find me wearing at least one yellow something. I fear that it's getting a little weird. Growing up in Chattanooga, there was a lady who everyone knew about called The Purple Lady. She had a purple Cadillac and a purple fur coat and she sunbathed in the nude in her backyard. I don't know how one was related to the other, but she was a bit infamous. Am I there yet? I hope not. Please tell me if I am. These steps are my absolute dream. I think I would be in better shape if I had them because I would walk up and down them all the time! Picture sent via Design Sponge by the lovely Sarah

I am annoyingly tall (5'9" and three quarters), blonde, and sassy. I could make friends with a tree stump. If you ever call me an amazon though, don't expect me to talk to you again. For realz.

I am entirely boy crazy. At any given time, I have at least 5-7 crushes, two of them being Channing Tatum and Anderson Cooper. If flirting were a sport, I would have lettered in varsity.

Rawr. Anyway, I guess that's it for tonight. Good night Channing. Good night bloggies. Good night moon.

Tomorrow: in search of a kick ace camera!

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